Yamilhee Saint-Val



About the Contestant

Yamilhee Saint-Val
Boston, United States
IG: saintyama
Jacmel & PAP
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

Yes, I am a singer and have recorded songs and featured on songs as well. I have performed various of places around the greater Boston and auditioned for TV before. I think that there a levels to beauty. While physically it’s easy to present yourself in a way that is attractive and will be pleasing to the eyes of readers/watchers/consumers- real beauty also is define by a persons attributes. For example their personality, aspirations and ambitions and lastly their heart/story. I believe I have a sensible story that many can relate to especially being a Haitian Diaspora and actively going back to my country and pushing for change. I represent my country with pride day in and day out. I don the flag any chance I get because I love my country and as a young women my journey has only just begun but I have done some magnificent things already! I want to show the world just what it means to have Haitian running through your blood and the excellence that comes with the title. It wasn’t easy being Haitian but blossoming into the Haitian woman I am today was a rewarding and interesting endeavo


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