Steven Delizin



About the Contestant

Steven Delizin
Boynton Beach Fl ,United State
IG: bleeve_zoeunit
Parents from: Jacmel
Interested in modeling, tv, film, oIndjina Jeanr podcast.

My name is Steven and I believe that I would be an amazing person to be on Haiti Open cover page I am a poet, rapper, philanthropist, computer engineer. Also for the past couple of months I have been an activist for black men with mental issues. I feel that in order to be on Haiti Open you have to be a great role model to the youth and community. One should be able to look up to you. You have to be an upstanding citizen and I can say that I’ve done my part to be an upstanding citizen I graduated from college I played college soccer and almost went pro also I’ve help mentor a lot of youth. I want to use my artistic platform to show the youth that they don’t have to be gangsters and thugs in order to be where they want to be in life they can go to school they can graduate from college and still be able to make it


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