Joyce Adhemar



About the Contestant

Joyce Adhemar
Acworth, United States
IG: philosophy_of_joy
Parents from: Cap-Haitian
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

“I would like to be on the cover because I have always loved all forms of art and the stories or emotions you can create/convey through it. This year, I also have a goal to try the things that I always wanted to do, believe in myself, and my dreams more. Second, I am passionate about mental health awareness! Knowing how this issue can be taboo in the Haitian culture, I would like to bring more awareness and knowledge about this important cause to our culture. Third, the fact that although I was born in America I never neglected my roots. I know so much about our history, culture, fluently speak creole, Haitian food is my favorite, love to dance kompa, and almost always listening to Haitian music - old and new. Fourth, I would love to get to network with other professionals and build connections with others. Thank you!”


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