Meredith Dubourg



About the Contestant

Meredith Dubourg
Orlando, Florida, United States
IG: Didienv
Parents from: Port au Prince
Interested in modeling, tv, film, oIndjina Jeanr podcast.

I would love to have the chance to represent my Haitian heritage. Being Haitian you see so many different and beautiful looking people from Haiti. From being made fun of because I am Haitian in New Jersey to moving to Florida only to be told by many that i don't "Look" Haitian was eye opening. So many people are not truly knowledgeable about our people, culture and beliefs. They believe everything they "See" about us. I feel it's time to "Show" people more about us and who we are. Despite if we look different, we are Haitian. And we are beautiful in all of our shapes, sizes and shades. I have always been a proud Haitian despite the negativity casted in my direction. It made me stronger and more confident and not afraid to stand up for myself. I am this way because i am Haitian and my ancestors are where i get my strength and fearlessness from. Not to mention we have the best music and food!


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