Jenny Estinville



About the Contestant

Jenny Estinville
Seattle, USA
IG: jenny_just_her
Parents from: Port-au-Prince
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

I’ve spent the past decade actively helping my native country, Haiti, my people in the US, and my Haitian culture move forward using my linguistic ability. Being able to speak Haitian Creole may not have been given much significance when I first moved to the U.S. due to internalized racism of my peers, but I later discovered how crucial my linguistic skill is. My ability to speak both Haitian Creole and English has enabled me to be more impactful in my quest to spread the natural hair movement as one of the natural hair pioneers and owner of Her Hair Growth; I have used it to bridge the gap between medical providers and Haitian patients who couldn’t properly communicate, facilitating their medical care; and it will be extremely useful when I become a medical doctor in my goal of eliminating health disparities within our Haitian communities. I love my native country and as a huge believer in love being shown in action, not simply in words, I try to be consistent in my love and respect for Haiti. Therefore, it would be a privilege to be on the cover of the illustrious Haiti Open


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