Cassandre Felix



About the Contestant

Cassandre Felix
Miami, United States
IG: caribbean_brown_spice
Parents from: Mom - Jacmel; Dad - Cayes Jacmel
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

Hi, my name is Cassandre, and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami! My mother was born in Jacmel, and my father was born in Cayes-Jacmel. At a very young age, I developed a zest for fashion! I recall always coming back home from school, I would grab my sketch book and pencil, and would start drawing/sketching people and designing outfits for them. My mother initially thought that I would become a fashion designer; and although that was a dream of mine at that time, I decided to pursue a different career path, where I majored in Psychology. My goal after I graduated with my undergraduate studies was to go to graduate school to obtain my Master's in Social Work. However, around my senior year, I decided that it was no longer the path for me. I've had quite a few jobs after college, having worked at a bridal shop as a bridal consultant; a retail sales associate at a department store; and even worked several years in the hospitality industry up until covid hit, where I, unfortunately, was laid off. Throughout my unemployment, I though


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