Port-au-Prince, Haiti Travel Guide – Top Attractions, Restaurants and Hotels


Vibrant, exciting and a true taste of the Caribbean; that is what you get in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is a destination still off the beaten path, and one that will be unforgettable once you discover the amazing wonders of the city.

Beautifully chaotic, Port-au-Prince provides visitors with a glimpse into the Caribbean before tourists overran the other islands. It still has its island charm, and gives those that holiday to the city a chance to unwind in its relaxed atmosphere.

Visitors will admire the city’s gorgeous colonial architecture, its raw beaches and untouched coastline. It is a destination that will please those looking for a little adventure when they an escape to a city a little off the beaten path.


Why not enjoy something uniquely Caribbean and explore Haiti’s history by experiencing a rum tour? The Barbancourt rum tour is an exciting adventure into the making of Haitian rum. Sample some of the company’s delicious distilled items and buy some to enjoy back at your Port-au-Prince hotel.

The Museum of the Haitian National Pantheon offers visitors a glimpse into Haiti’s past. The museum is divided into seven parts and it is a fantastic education into where Haiti has been and where it is headed in the future.

Champ de Mars is the place to be during the day if you want to experience true Port-au-Prince culture. It is the perfect location to sit at a streetside café for a coffee or sip a beer in the Caribbean sun. You will also be able to find plenty of local merchants to buy souvenirs from on the Champ de Mars.


It is easy to reach Port-au-Prince from the United States. The island city is fast becoming one of the must-visit places in the world, and airlines in America have taken notice. Visitors can reach Haiti from nine different airports in the US, from Florida up to Boston, Massachusetts.


Port-au-Prince offers some of the swankiest beach hotels in the world. Due to the island’s growing reputation as a holiday destination, there is still the chance to escape to a deserted beach with only you, the sun and the surf. Several of Port-au-Prince’s best hotels are located right on the beach, and visitors can enjoy some fun in the sun close to where they are staying.

Some of the Best Hotels in PORT-AU-PRINCE
Hotel Oloffson
Servotel Hotel
Palm Inn Hotel
Marriott Haiti Hotel
Habitation Hatt Hotel
The Inn at Villa Bambou
Visa Lodge
Prince Hotel
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Observatoire: Featuring breathtaking views of Port-au-Prince, the Observatoire is one of the city’s most well-known restaurants. Serving deliciously authentic Haitian food, the Observatoire gives guests a true sense of the country’s cuisine. The restaurant often has a special event on, giving you the chance to experience even more local Haitian fun.

Magdoos: Serving Lebanese and Mediterranean fare, Magdoos provides guests with a brilliant ambience that is equalled by few in Port-au-Prince. The service staff is ready to provide whatever you may need and the menu is vast in its mission to please. A night out at Magdoos is the ultimate dining experience in Port-au-Prince: great food, amazing atmosphere and unforgettable authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

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