Jocelyn Castor


About the Contestant

Jocelyn Castor
Atlanta Georgia, USA
Parents from: Delmas and Port au Prince

My name is Jocelyn Castor. I lost my mother in the year 2011 and my father 34 years ago. Losing my my mother at a young age gave me the strength to beat the odds and continue to live the legacy my mother expected of me before she passed away. After witnessing her take her last breath, I made a promise to myself to to strive for greatness. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice, and pursued my career as an Actor and model. I’m a single man with no children and looking forward to having kids in the future. I enjoy shopping, attending photo shoots and auditioning for movies. I’m a believer in Jesus christ, I love to laugh, go out to eat, travel and spend


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