Lovely Mathurin



About the Contestant

Lovely Mathurin
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
IG: Misslovelyyyy
Parents from: Jérémie
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

I am a 25 years old haitian-canadian woman(born in Canada, raised in Haiti). I am a social butterfly which has helped me build meaningful relationships , and in my opinion respect and organization are some of the most important life’s skills. Also my bachelors degree in human relations and spirituality helped me with my self confidence and communication skills. I’ve participated in a few modeling events and photoshoots and I have enjoyed each opportunity . During the pandemic I lost a few family members and my mental health overall was affected badly. Finally this year I decided to practice more self care by doing the stuff I love most such as modeling, being more productive and trying new things.I would be eternally grateful to be apart of this opportunity and it would help me motivate other haitian women like me to believe in themselves more. Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.


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