Ashly Hendrick



About the Contestant

Ashly Hendrick
Atlanta, USA
IG: EverBlessAsh
Parents from:Jeremie & Lascahobas
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

My name is Ashly Hendrick, I’m 25 and I live in Atlanta, GA. My purpose is to use my creativity, personality and talents to build a platform to uplift people & to help people learn how to heal. This is evident in all my endeavors, whether is be EverBlessBeauty (my self-care line), EverBlessEats (my cooking page) or even my personal brand, EverBlessAsh, it’s very evident that I use my skills to help people feel good. My purpose is to leverage my media presence through acting and influencing to actually help my country. My mother is a huge inspiration to me as she came to this country 29 years ago, worked her way up to becoming a nurse and has been a pillar in her community ever since. She has sponsored many people to get an education, fed lots of families and even periodically gets a team of medical professionals to go give access to healthcare in Haiti. I know it is my purpose to continue and surpass her efforts. As I gain the influence, I will pour my heart out into helping others and changing the world.


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