Joanne Dumerand



About the Contestant

Joanne Dumerand
Orlando, USA
IG: Jodeesingz
Parents from: Both Parents are from Port au prince
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

My name is Joanne Dumerand, also known as Jodee Singz. I am a a Singer, Songwriter and Producer, outside of Music I am a Healthcare Professional. I have been in the Haitian Music Industry for 7 years and in general the music industry for over 15 years. The reason I would like to be on the cover of this magazine, is to shed more than a dim light on what many women face in all industrial departments. I was one of many that was constantly shamed in the musical industry because I did not “fit the part.” In many of my music videos I do not hold back in displaying my wholesome form. I hold my head high on being a plus size woman and I do not and will not let anyone or anything stop me from expressing myself, the love for my body, and my passion in music. And I want everyone world-wide to learn that Self-acceptance comes as priority. No matter how big or small, large or skinny, short or tall we are ALL beautiful, and was created the way our Creator wanted to WITHOUT mistakes!


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