Yvana Romelus



About the Contestant

Yvana Romelus
Harrison, NJ, United States
IG: TheeMlle
Parents from: Cabaret
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

My name is Yvana Romelus and my stage name is Thee Mademoiselle. I am social media Influencer, strategist and host. I currently produce content on YouTube full-time where I discus social issues, give advice and produce motivational content. I also have a second YouTube channel dedicated to Haitian culture and a third channel dedicated to my personal life. I have a business called Media Hustle where I do Influencer marketing, social media strategy and management for brands, personal entities and other Influencers. I graduated from Bloomfield College with Communications Bachelors in 2017 and a Public Relations degree from Full Sail University in 2019.


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