Jenie cherubin




About the Contestant

Jenie cherubin
Atlanta, United state
IG: Safiaqueen
Parents From: Aquin
Hello to those that are reading this. My name is Jenie but am known as Juicy or Safia. I was born in Palm beach, Florida. I am the youngest out of four girls to be born in this country… Even though I was born here I represent the Caribbean more than anything. Coming from a Haitian background I can say their we’re always many challenges growing up. Especially things that are now appreciate today such as making fun of what we eat and even how how we dress. I grew up with two of the strongest Haitian parents I know; teaching me the language, food, and culture of my background. Unfortunately, when I was younger my father was unable to stay in America and got deported and pass shortly after he returned back to Haiti. The reason I want to be apart of Haiti Open is because I want to be able to represent not only the Haitian culture but also represent the new generation of American & Caribbean Haitians. I want Haiti Open to know that I am here as an example of the Haitian youth still fighting to keep the culture going. Pushing the youth younger then me to not lose culture and to learn what I have learned. Despite the fact that Haiti are in a tough


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