Cassandra Lamour Joseph-King




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Cassandra Lamour Joseph-King
Chicago, USA
IG: Lamour.artistry
Parents From: Jacmel
Hello, my name is Cassie for short and i’d like to explain my interest being in the Hot 100! Haitians.. Both parents are from Haiti of course, but I was born here in the states 1st generation.. We’d visit Haiti every year since I was a little girl (last time 10yrs ago) now turning 38yrs old. May 20th. I’ve set goals to not only honor myself but my Haitian roots in the name of “Self-Esteem”. Started off very afraid to be seen due to hearing the word “ugly” at a young age until teen years because of my look, small frame, walk & amongst other things. To overcome trauma I’ve developed a close relationship with God & went into therapy. At the age of 35 finally! I was able to look into the mirror say the words “you are beautiful” and mean it. Truly thankful for the people in my life opening the doors I chose walk through.. Filled with gratitude for not only finding the painter/writer/dancer (hints why my IG page is “Lamour.” my middle name *.Artistry*) in me. But to actually compete in my first body building competition June 8th in Grand Rapids Michigan for OCB! (Wellness) category. To step on stage in front people in a bikini was N


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