Rebecca King




About the Contestant

Rebecca King
Miami, FL, United States
IG: Bettingonbecca
Port de Paix
I grew up in Miami, a place bursting with life and opportunities that shaped my drive to succeed. I studied at Spelman College, known for its rich history and strong community of women leaders. Here, I learned not just from books, but from the real challenges of overcoming financial obstacles with determination and faith. This resilience helped me excel in digital marketing, where I achieved something pretty incredible—helping clients make over $50,000 in a month, without spending a dime on ads.
My guiding principle in life is simple: "Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and fail fast." This means I push through challenges quickly and don’t let fear hold me back. Beyond work, I find joy and balance in cooking and volunteering, which keeps me connected to my community and grounded.
I’d love to be on the cover of Haiti Open magazine because I want to share my story to inspire others. As a Haitian-American, I’m passionate about showing the world the strength and creativity of our community. I aim to make a significant impact in the media, using my talents to create and star in shows that celebrate and elevate our culture. <


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