Derline Desjardins




About the Contestant

Derline Desjardins
Boynton Beach Florida, United States or Desjardins Vision Inc
Parents From: Gonaives and St Marc
Lakay, Lekol, L’eglise”, are the three L’s that I grew up hearing as a Haitian American child. These three words translate to “home, school, and church”. This was my typical daily routine in reality growing up. My parents born in Haiti coming to the United States in their late 20’s, have always valued my education. They believed that given the circumstances that I was born in the U.S. and spoke English well, I was capable of doing extraordinary things. They wanted me to accomplish all the things they couldn’t. Sure enough, I stayed focus on my academics to ensure that my parent’s efforts were not in vain. All of this hard work and dedication have placed me where I am today. I am on a mission to help bring change to the community around me one step at a time. I have goals and visions that I know I am capable of accomplishing if God’s willing. I graduated high school with my AA Degree. I am studying Criminal Justice and have dreams of becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney. I am the President of the non-profit, Desjardins Vision Inc. I am also a licensed Florida Realtor.


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