Sylvie Bien-Aimé



About the Contestant

Sylvie Bien-Aimé
Montréal, Canada
IG: Sylkiesly
Parents from: My dad is from PAP and my mom from Saint-Marc
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

I am a makeup artist, model, body painter and influencer. I share the beauty of black women everyday! My partner and I are both Haitian women running an exclusive location called SL Studio Lounge where we do photography and private events. I speak French, English and kreyol! Since 2021, I decided to dedicate my life to my arts. Being a finalist would definitely open a lot of doors for me and also help me bring light to Canada’s Haitian community. I am really proud of my roots and would love to be able to showcase and collaborate with Haiti Open and their mission!


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