Josette St Hilaire Georges




About the Contestant

Josette St. Hilaire Georges
Lake worth, United States
IG: Iamjosettegeorges
Parents From: Bainet
My name is Josette St-Hilaire Georges aka Lady Georges I am a travel respiratory therapist, chaperone for mature couple (taking elderly Haitian couples on vacation when they can't go for themselves), CEO of A DEUX (romantic dinner for couples) and a style smile influencer. I love to travel, I love to smile and I love life. Every year I have a "ball" where everyone dresses in the way our ancestors used to dress to return with all the beautiful values ​​that I feel Haiti has lost in our culture. I wish to be on the front page of the Haiti Open magazine because I believe that Haiti needs someone to talk about it and show a positive image of it all the time, everywhere especially at this time I choose to make a dress with the Haitian flag that I wear in every country I visit so when someone asks me how my dress is different so that I can take advantage of talking about my country. I play the role of ambassador for Haiti so when my country becomes good I am the one who sends more tourists to visit it. I believe that one day Haiti will return "the pearl of the Antilles" I give myself to promote this in all other cou


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