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2022 TOP 100 LEADING HAITIANS: Submission Form

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Klike sou Drapo Angletè a, epi apre klike sou Drapo Ayisyen an pou w ka li enfòmasyon sa an Kreyòl.



Haiti Open’s TOP 100 LEADING HAITIANS is an annual year-end edition that recognizes the year’s most successful Haitians. Through stories and interviews, the edition celebrates Haitians at the top of their game, men and women who are leaders in their field and positively impacting Haitian lives.

At the close of each year, we look for Haitians living in Haiti, the Americas, Europe, and across the Haitian diaspora who, within the past 12 months, demonstrated outstanding performance in at least two of the following categories:

  1. High Income (did well financially, e.g., Naomi Osaka, Pascal DesRoches)
  2. Leadership Role (high position, e.g., Dr. Claudine Gay, Reginald DesRoches)
  3. Philanthropy (humanitarian, e.g.,. Dr. Angelo Gousse, Jeff Lozama)
  4. Economic Impact (employed many Haitians)
  5. Mastery (won awards & recognition, e.g., Julie Jules, Edwidge Danticat)
  6. Influencer (active figure, e.g., Jhonson Napoleon, Carel Pedre)
  7. Innovation (breakthrough ideas & startups)

The magazine intends to interview, organize, promote, and help the public get to know and be inspired by high-caliber Haitians who are helping HAITIANS MOVE FORWARD.


If you’d like to be one of our success stories to inspire others, use the submission form below to submit your contact details so we can reach out for an interview. 

YOU can also submit the name of someone who should be on our upcoming list of 2022 TOP 100 LEADING HAITIANS.


All email inquiries about this edition must be directed to TOP100@HAITIOPEN.COM

  • Jean Alfred Delva
  • Manager & Editor-in-Chief


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