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2024 Finalists

2024 HOT 100 YOUNG HAITIANS 2024 Contest Results! Klike sou Drapo Ameriken an, epi apre klike sou Drapo Ayisyen an pou w ka li enfòmasyon sa...

Modern-Day Haitian SHE-ro, Dr. Bertrhude Albert, Strives for Strength in Unity

By Martine St. Hilaire + Photos by Maybeline Despagne Bertrhude Albert, Ph.D. is a proud daughter of Haiti who was born in Cap-Haïtien. Her family...

QueenVS – An Inspiring Content Creator

By Alex Popa QueenVS is a Canadian-born artist who discovered her talent and passion for music by drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson. QueenVS considers herself...

Pwoteje’m – Fatima Altieri: A Life in an Album

By Khainna Sejour and Alex Popa + Photos by Maybeline Despagne Fatima Altieri is a proud Haitian with a clear mind and an artist’s heart....

DugG’s Journey to Musical Excellence

By Alex Popa + Photos by @smallgphotography DugG is a unique artist with a rich Haitian heritage and the heart of a musician. He’s also...

Bae Night: A Journey from a YouTube Series to an Award-Winning Film

By Romnie Vertus  Bae Night originated as a YouTube series created by Sandra Justice, Genji Jacques, and Luner Eugene to promote an event. The series...

Withnie Honore, The Brain Behind ACPAC (Association Chrétienne Pour la Promotion de l’Art et de La Culture

By Alex Popa Withnie Honore is a mother, grandmother, artist, and Christian, but these labels don’t even begin to scratch the surface of this remarkable...

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