Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Tags Top Haitian Business Leaders

Tag: Top Haitian Business Leaders

Legendary Promoter Rodney Noel

18 Years Later, Compas Festival Is Still Going Strong By Sarah Brutus + Photo by Spex

Mr. Max Joseph: The Man behind Xpert Signs & Printing

The Only Black-Owned Signs and Printing Company in the Community By Sarah Brutus + Photo by Spex

Dr. Rudolph Moise Inspirational Story

On Becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot, Actor, and Getting an MBA By Sarah Brutus + Photo by Spex

The Incredible Determination of Mr. Celestin Odilon

From Working on a Chicken Farm to Owning One of the Biggest Haitian Restaurants (O’King Créole) in South Florida

How Mr. Alex Saint Surin Turned His 5-Year-Old Dream into an Empire

Miserably Fired from his First Radio Job, he Now Owns Six Radio Stations By Sarah Brutus + Photo...

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