Jenny Derne


About the Contestant

Jenny Derne
Miramar, United States
IG: Jenbrownbeauty_
Parents from: Jacmel
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

My name is Jenny Derne, born and raised in Haiti, I am an entrepreneur, Trading Coach, philanthropist and full time investor. I am currently teaching Caribbean people to invest properly in the markets: Forex, Stocks & crypto. Teach teach how to set a proper Roth IRA account/ investment account with growing interests. I have coached more than 50 people and have a team of more than 200. I believe given the opportunity, it broaden my aspects to help more of our brothers and sisters about how to invest. We are residing at the back of the bus when it comes to money. How to use our money to make money. It’s time for all Haitians, all around in Haiti or the USA to better take care of their finances. We are the helping hand we need.


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