Rachelle Barrett



About the Contestant

Rachelle Barrett
Plantation, United States
IG: Rah_shelley
Parents from: Port-Au-Prince and Jacmel
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

Bonne journée, I'm Rachelle, I'm from Montréal, QC, and I'm Haitian and Jamaican. I graduated from the University of Miami, as well as interned at Family Action Network Movement, FANM, in Miami alongside multi-award-winning founder Marleine Bastien in the Haitian immigration department. I'm also the recent recipient of the UMTV journalism award regarding my article on the Haitian border crisis in Texas beginning last summer. That being said I've always loved to represent Haiti, whether in the newspaper, on television at WPTV, (my current occupation), in college and 'extra-curricularly'. Though I was born in Canada, I'm a proud Haitian. I love to spread the country's beauty across the world through my work, and I'd be honored to have the chance to spread Haiti's beauty through your magazine, Haiti Open. Thank you for your time.


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