Dune Dubé



About the Contestant

Dune Dubé
Florida, Fort Lauderdale United States
IG: Artwithdune
Parents from: Haiti
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

I began drawing at a very young age and to be more specific, ever since I learned how to write my name. In middle school, I recalled watching a YouTube tutorial that taught me how to draw different parts of the body step by step and over time with practice, I was able to improve my drawing skills. In addition, from middle school leading into high school, as I took the initiative to perfect my craft, my skills improved. Throughout high school my skills remained stagnant since my rigorous courses left me very little time draw. However, in 10th grade I stumbled on a YouTube video that showed me how to paint using acrylic paint, and I was immediately fascinated by it that I asked my dad to buy me acrylic paint. I was so excited that the next day I took a trip to the store and bought a canvas and a paintbrush set. When my acrylic paint arrived in the mail, I went ahead and decided to paint my mom first, I wasn’t too satisfied with the outcome, so I decided to use this obstacle as a stepping stone than to rather shy away from it. In addition, when I began college, during my f


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