Naromy The BlackDiamond



About the Contestant

Naromy The BlackDiamond
Terrebonne, Canada
IG: naromy_the_blackdiamond
Parents from: Leogane
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

Canada is my birth country. However, since I know how to talk, creole has always been on the top of my tongue. Growing up with my grandparents who did not speak french, creole was made my first language to learn and even today, people often ask me where I’m from in Haiti because of my accent.
Hello, my name is Naromie better known as Naromy The BlackDiamond on the social media world. I have 40 years old and I’m a mother of two beautiful boys that I’m raising as a single parent.
I’m sending my candidacy to become the new face of Haiti Open’s magazine because it’s in my nature to always seek for new opportunities, goals and adventures. I’m aware that thousands of people will try and get their spot on the cover of the magazine but I don’t feel that I’m in a competition at all. I feel like whoever is voted for the position will represent the country and the magazine very well. However, I’m a strong believer of what’s meant to be yours and I can feel this journey is already mine.
I’ve seen many posts online where your magazine was showing our beautiful


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